There is Never a Shortage of Activities at the Henderson RSA.

We offer all club members and visitors a safe, friendly, and fun environment to have a social drink and enjoy a wide variety of activities. Families are welcome to bring their children along as there is a Kid’s Corner complete with toys, video movies, and various other things to keep the little ones occupied while you and your partner relax.

Sports & Recreational Activities

The Henderson RSA offers a different type of atmosphere than other local bars or clubs. There is a sense of camaraderie when you join the RSA. Various inter-club tournaments are ongoing throughout the year. While we all have a competitive spirit, these events are always firmly grounded in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Many of our members have now become life-long friends and this is the thing that sets us apart from other local establishments.

Some of our Ongoing Activities Include:


  • Every Wednesday night from 7 pm – Join the Summer League!
  • Regular monthly competitions
  • Organiser – Mark Cleeton


  • Every Tuesday night from 7 pm
  • Organiser – Mark Cleeton


  • Hire Charter Boats and Hook the Big ONE
  • Organiser – Mike Norris


  • Regular monthly social dates
  • Corban Cup inter-club competitions for Men on Tuesday nights when the season starts
  • Western Districts inter-club competition for Women on Monday nights when the season starts


  • Regular trips to various golf courses
  • Monthly Competitions
  • Organiser – Frank Heuthorst

Indoor bowls

  • Weekly competitions on Monday & Wednesday starting around 12pm
  • Tournaments held on the 1st Sunday of each month
  • Organiser – Coral MacKenzie

Cards Section

  • Weekly games of Five Hundred
  • Organiser – Frances Ross

Women’s Section

  • Monthly meetings – 1st Tuesday of the month with a morning tea 10:00am
  • President – Raewyn Keenan

KEV Section

  • Monthly meetings – Last Tuesday of the month at 1:00pmm
  • President – Patrick Johnson

Make us Your Local. Become a Member and Make Lifetime Friends.

There is bound to be something that you will want to participate in and like-minded people you will want to meet. Come and join the fun. Contact us on 09 838 9012 to find out more! Our office hours are between 10 am to 4:30 pm.


Everyone Is Welcome To Join The Henderson RSA.

While we are CLOSED during the current pandemic we look forward to opening soon and giving you back your local facilities where you can gather with your friends and socialise to your hearts content.

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