Why not take a Video & Virtual Tour of our Club – The Henderson Razza 

 We offer membership and support to people of all ages in the community.
Young families are welcome to bring their children, groups of women can come and not worry about being hassled;
our membership rules are less strict than they were in the past.
It is also important to note that the Henderson RSA offers support not just to veterans – but any member who needs our help.


Why not take a Video & Virtual Tour our  Club – The Henderson Razza

The Henderson RSA caters to groups of all sizes. We’ve got everything you need for bridal showers, corporate training groups, or any special occasion that requires full-service catering. We’ve got great food, ample space, a stocked bar, a dance floor, and a warm atmosphere.

Women’s Section of the Henderson RSA

The Henderson RSA has a strong Women’s Section which is run by an elected committee.  The Women’s Section do a lot of good work within the club such as visiting sick people, assisting with Poppy Day and ANZAC Day and offering support to members.

West Auckland Area Returned and Services Association Homes for the Elderly Trust

The trust administers a total of 48 units in West Auckland.  These are used as accommodation for the elderly or others who by reason of financial circumstances, sickness or other good and charitable reason are in need of accommodation.

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Why not take a Video & Virtual Tour our  Club – The Henderson Razza

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